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Enable stakeholders to speak the same language to effectively prioritize the mitigation of the most urgent, realistic, and expensive of potential information security threats.

Risk Assessment

Administrative, External, Internal & Physical

What is a Risk Assessment?

Easily identify security program gaps and prioritize investment

FRSecure offers a comprehensive risk assessment designed to discover and quantify information security risk. An industry standard used by security practitioners around the country, our methodology helps inform effective security programs and allows organizations to prioritize and maximize investments. Quantification of risk provides a common language for security practitioners and executives to speak about risk. This allows organizations to understand their current standing, where they want to be, and how to get there.

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How does FRSecure approach risk assessments?

Every organization, large or small, should understand the gaps and weaknesses in its information security program. Without a thorough analysis, your company is vulnerable to threats and attacks, risking your data and reputation. A risk assessment with FRSecure includes a thorough evaluation of risks within four phases: administrative controls, physical controls, internal technical controls, and external technical controls.



Sometimes referred to as the “human” part of information security and are controls used to govern other parts of information security.



Technical in nature, used to protect outside access to your organization’s technical domain (outside the gateways or firewalls).



The controls that are technical in nature and used within your organization’s technical domain (inside the gateways or firewalls).



Security controls that can often be touched and are controls that provide physical security to protect your information assets.

Estimate Your Risk

Standards Supported

“The internal team's security posture increased by 75% using the risk assessment scoring methodology, from 483 to 702. FRSecure utilizes a comprehensive framework to successfully evaluate the security of their client's systems. The team is thorough and hard-working.”

The FRSecure Way

Why work with FRSecure?


FRSecure has been in business for over 10 years, and our team has more than 300 years of combined experience working in information security and boasts 30 different kinds of certifications. When it comes to measuring security risk, you have the benefit of experience in your corner.


Our mission at FRSecure is to fix the broken information security industry. Not only do we respond to incidents, but we also solve as many weaknesses as we can in your security environment. Being with organizations before, during, and after a breach is the only way we can truly improve their security and protect the sensitive information entrusted to them.


Our style isn’t “cookie cutter.” We recognize that each organization is different, and every security program is at a different stage of maturity. We get to know your security program intimately, use an information security risk assessent to determine what your strengths and weaknesses are, and then apply industry best practices to provide next steps based on the findings.


Information security is all we do. We don’t do IT, sell hardware, or provide telco services. We only do security. Because of this, our team can provide unbiased recommendations that will actually make a dramatic impact to the way you do security. We work hard to be a partner—collaborating with and educating your team every step of the way.

“I found FRSecure’s risk assessment to be the most comprehensive yet easily understood assessment I’ve been involved in.”
Senior IT Security Analyst
Coborn’s, Inc.

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