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Explore a collection of real-world client testimonials and case studies from all different industries and company sizes to understand FRSecure’s unique approach to building security programs through partnership and collaboration.

Software as a Service Company

"I’m really impressed with FRSecure’s focus on our needs and the removal of barriers. They are always willing to engage and empower us by providing constructive criticism and functional improvements that we could employ."
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Healthcare Services Provider

"Based on my past experience, working with FRSecure was exceptional. They’re extremely knowledgeable. This can be a daunting task for an organization and they were very professional and patient. The FRSecure team doesn’t waste time, they get right to it."
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Health-Focused Social Network

"Our security posture increased by 75% using a risk assessment scoring methodology from 483 to 702. The number of identified security issues dropped significantly. The framework that FRSecure provided to us significantly helped us to focus our remediation efforts and resolve individual security exposures."
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Professional Services

"The quality of FRSecure’s penetration testing report was much higher than we were used to; it was remarkably helpful. The debrief from the penetration tester was accurate. Usually, such reports either had too much jargon that I would have a hard time reading or were too long and had too much to look into — by contrast, FRSecure made sure that I understood every aspect of the report as an engineering manager."
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Financial Advisor

"They contribute to the industry as a whole, not just as a vendor to make money and provide a service. They are truly here to make an impact on how we do cybersecurity."
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Manufacturing (Glass)

"FRSecure was perfect when it came to project management. They even waited for me a few different times. Nonetheless, they had been on top of the engagement — they were always on time, and their deliveries were spot on."
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Financial Services

"They implemented some tools and tactics that we haven’t seen before, and we just feel like the value they provide is good for the work that they do. They gave our in-house IT team actionable information to keep the project going."
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School District

"The team is more interested in their mission than money. Overall, the team is truly passionate about security and helping organizations- they’re truly dedicated to making others more secure."
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