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We have taken what we’ve learned about building strong security programs and applied it to industry standards. We start by learning about your organization and current security practices, identify where the gaps are, and guide your organization towards better security practices. Doing so will simultaneously ensure you comply with any requirements you may face.

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While we offer many services relevant to compliance preparation they may not all be appropriate for your business needs. We’ll work with you to understand your security goals and provide the services that help you achieve them.

Services to Help With Compliance Preparation

Tailored for your business, not one-size-fits-all.


As a PCI DSS Qualified Security Assessor Company, FRSecure provides the expertise necessary to review and advise organizations on PCI DSS compliance. Our certified professionals can help your organization define your PCI environment, determine compliance gaps, and provide necessary attestations of compliance.

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Overlaying your risk assessment results to the five CMMC levels, your organization will quickly be able to see where it stands in each of the levels. Knowing what level you want or need to be at and how you scored there, we’ll look to see where the gaps in compliance are—and then provide you with a roadmap and dedicated security resource to make sure you get to that point by the time the requirements take effect.

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Risk Assessment

FRSecure offers a comprehensive information security risk assessment designed to discover and quantify information security risk. An industry-standard used by security practitioners around the country, our methodology helps inform effective information security programs and allows organizations to prioritize and maximize information security investments.

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Gap Assessment

Gap assessments are conducted with regulatory requirements in mind. We’ll take a look at where your security program is relative to the requirements, and then provide you with the appropriate adjustments needed for you to become compliant.

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Whether you’re faced with SOC 2 regulatory requirements or demands from management, we can help prepare you for a SOC 2 audit through our readiness assessments. We perform Type 1 and Type 2 pre-audit assessments with varying levels of support, depending on your internal staff, to help save you money during the actual audit.

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Vendor Risk Management

More than half of all security breaches result from third-party vendors hired by your organization. So, it’s critical that you identify the vendors working for you and determine the level of risk they bring. Our VRM services help you to pinpoint the vendors that present the most risk to your organization—equally evaluating all third-party vendors and bringing your weakest links to the surface.

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“Since our industry is so highly regulated, we wanted to be sure our security was performing as well as it possibly could. We are subject to customer audits, and FRSecure helped us strengten our policies and operating procedures to frame us in the best light with our customers. There is a lot of depth to their background in information security and physical security. They know how to provide full coverage and give good suggestions to eliminate gaps.”

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