Reveal Security Flaws via Real-World Attacks

Hire our award-winning pen testing team of ethical hackers who use modern hacking techniques to identify weaknesses and point out what gaps need to be filled.

Penetration Testing

Internal, External, Physical, PCI, Red Teaming & Web App Pen Testing

What is a Penetration Test?

Top-tier security experts to identify existing security weaknesses

Penetration testing helps to uncover architectural and conceptual issues through emulated, real-world attacks. Our team of ethical hackers works to gather information about systems, applications, and assets to identify gaps that would allow attackers to enter. Ultimately, this information will be presented back to you—allowing you to fix those weaknesses before the same thing is uncovered maliciously.

How can we help?

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External Pen Testing

External Pen Testing

Exposing weaknesses in your internet-facing systems, networks, firewalls, devices, and/or web applications.

Internal Pen Testing

Internal Pen Testing

Validating the effort required for an attacker to overcome your internal security infrastructure after access is gained.

PCI Pen Testing

PCI Pen Testing

With specific goals set by the PCI Security Standards Council, this test involves both external and internal pen test methodologies.

Physical Pen Testing

Physical Pen Testing

Posing as a legitimate person or company and attempting to gain access to restricted areas and information on-site.

Red Teaming

Red Teaming

Real-world simulation utilizing a mix of social engineering and external and internal network-level testing.

Web App Pen Testing

Web App Pen Testing

Attempted infiltration through a website or web application utilizing PTES and the OWASP standard testing checklist.
“Our bank clients require us to do penetration testing to ensure our system is secure. We reached out to FRSecure to provide this service. FRSecure offers a valuable service with a professional approach. Facilitating a smooth process, they complete testing within a week and don’t require website downtime to do so. The testing report is thorough but comprehensible.”
Financial Manager
Mackoff Kellogg Law Firm

Penetration Testing Methodology


Intelligence Gathering

Using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques to gather sensitive information that could be used to enhance attacks.


Threat Modeling

Gather relevant documentation, identify and categorize primary and secondary assets, identify and categorize threats and threat communities, and map threat communities against primary and secondary assets.


Vulnerability Analysis

Vulnerability testing is the process of discovering flaws in systems and applications which can be leveraged by an attacker. These flaws can range anywhere from host and service misconfiguration, or insecure application design.



Obtaining access through vulnerabilities, configuration errors, or social engineering.



The value of the machine is determined by the sensitivity of the data stored on it and the machine’s usefulness in further compromising the network.



Communicate the objectives, methods, and results of the testing conducted.

"For the internal and external penetration, I give them the information and they take it from there. We’ve made it through a number of bank exams without question. To me, that’s the key. We haven’t had breaches and stayed secure. We haven’t had any major issues with things we’ve implemented since becoming partners with them. I had good peace of mind working with them."
HomeTown Bank

The FRSecure Way

Why work with FRSecure?


FRSecure’s penetration team is literally world-class. Having placed in the top three for three straight years at DEFCON’s Warl0ck Gam3z Capture the Flag, the team stacks up against the best hackers anywhere. Pair that with their experience, certifications, and unwavering commitment to helping your business improve its security and they really are some of the best the industry has to offer.


Our mission at FRSecure is to fix the broken information security industry, and part of that is flipping the switch from reactive thinking to proactive thinking. We aim to solve as many weaknesses as we can in your security environment, ultimately helping you grow your program and protect people. Penetration testing is one of the many ways we can help organizations be proactive about protecting their data.


Our style isn’t “cookie cutter.” Our team of experts gets an idea of your business objectives before stealthily conducting intelligence gathering, threat modeling, vulnerability analysis, and exploitation to emulate real-world tactics. Then we provide post-exploitation analysis and reporting for your executive leadership.


Information security is all we do. We don’t do IT, sell hardware, or provide telco services. We only do security. Because of this, our penetration testing team can provide unbiased recommendations that will actually make a dramatic impact on the way you do security. Once the engagement is completed, we’ll ensure to educate your team to make improvements going forward.

Penetration Testing vs Vulnerability Scanning

Which is Best for Your Organization?

Vulnerability Assessment

  • Discover Vulnerabilities
  • Wide Scope
  • Noisy & Obvious
  • Low- to- Moderate Program Maturity
  • Preventative Controls

Penetration Test

  • Exploit Vulnerabilities
  • Narrow Scope
  • Stealthy & Evasive
  • Mature Security Program
  • Detective & Reactive Controls

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