Team Ambush

FRSecure’s Technical Services Team

Meet the Team

Team Ambush is the technical services team at FRSecure.

Team Ambush focuses not only on serving the technical services needs (like penetration testing and incident response) of FRSecure customers, but also on competitions (like DEF CON), gamification, research, and more.

Team Ambush is made up primarily of members of our incident response and penetration testing teams.

All members of Team Ambush are employed by FRSecure. If you’d like to consider working for FRSecure, check out our job openings!

Ambush is the name for a group of Tigers. Tigers use their stripes to hide within their natural surroundings to stalk their prey, much like how hackers navigate networks. Thankfully, these guys just think like attackers, but use their abilities for helping companies like yours.