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FRSecure takes pride in playing an active role in the security community. It’s core to our company ethos and it’s one of the things that makes FRSecure such a unique company.

By design, this program is provided at no cost to any participants as a way to help fill those open positions with good, qualified people. It is meant to help those with an interest in the information security industry, to prepare for the CISSP certification exam.

Weekly information security podcast airing Monday mornings hosted by Evan Francen and Brad Nigh. In a unique focus on protecting personal information, Evan and Brad discuss information security as an issue that includes cyber security, physical security, as well as administrative controls.

Each month, we’ll take a look inside the hackle box at the relevant and breaking threats FRSecure’s technical team has been working to combat. It is our hope that this cyber threat intel helps you better prepare for what’s out there.

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Wield the Shield

A video series aimed at providing corporate information security best practices through quick hit training sessions.

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