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Get to know our culture, our office environment, our certifications, our awards, our leadership team, and more.

How We Serve

Providing Security Solutions that Make a Measurable Difference

Our team of experts is constantly developing solutions and training to assist clients in improving the measurable fundamentals of their information security programs. These fundamentals are lacking in our industry, and while progress is being made, we can’t do it alone. Whether you’re wondering where to start, or looking for a team of experts to collaborate with you, we are ready to serve.

What makes us different?

Mission Before Money

Our mission to fix the broken industry comes first. The priority has and always will be helping people. Whether it’s training, resources, or threat intelligence we will do our best to provide free tools to improve how we protect people’s data.

Award-Winning Team

FRSecure takes pride in our team’s performance. As a company we consistently win top workplace. We also win national awards based on customer satisfaction and our technical team dominates world hacking challenges at DEFCON.

Universal Assessments

We didn’t like how anybody quantified risk so we built our own assessment. Our unique risk assessment methodology is based on NIST, maps to every major industry standard, and extends far beyond simple technical controls.

Product Agnostic

We do not sell any third-party products, and security is all we do. Our advice will always be made with improving your security program in mind. We will never recommend hardware or software unless it’s what’s best for your organization.

Our Company History

Look back at FRSecure’s history and growth from the very beginning to milestones like our 13th annual CISSP mentor program in 2022, and beyond. 


About The FRSecure Insignia

Reflecting Our Modern, Strong, and Bold InfoSec Industry Positioning

We were founded with the ambitious goal of fixing the broken information security industry, sometimes butting heads with norms. Our symbol—a combination of a rook chess piece (watchtower) and a shield—has multiple layers of meaning. The shield is an homage to our founding and original branding, and shields are widely synonymous with security and protection. The rook is a powerful piece in a game of strategy, a lookout point to observe approaching threats. We use the checkerboard background to extend that metaphor.

Together, these symbols represent what FRSecure strives to do for businesses—help them prepare their security programs to prevent and spot attacks, while also protecting them in the event they become targeted.

The dark blue/black paired with our vibrant orange are also tributes to our founding branding, but are meant to represent how we stand out from most security firms in our approach and mission. Shades of blue, gray, and red are very common in the industry. Our colors take a unique stand while remaining welcoming—a direct reflection of how we approach business.

FRSecure, by the numbers

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Award-Winning Team

Executive Leadership

Evan Francen, CEO

Evan Francen


FRSecure’s mission.

Definitely the people. Generally not a people person, but every member of the FRSecure team is so great to spend time with.

ADHD. I’m an absolute squirrel, but sometimes that helps me do things that I’ve never done before.

Kevin Orth, CLO

Kevin Orth


Work. FRSecure, other companies, business deals, growing companies, new opportunities, etc.

It’s a tie between the people and what we do. I love what we do, I always have. But the people make the company. Companies aren’t really things. They are, but companies aren’t good, or bad. They aren’t greedy or generous. Companies are just people working together for a common cause, and our people make us great.

I spot inconsistencies, which makes me really good at troubleshooting problems. It also makes me a good BS detector. What I wish I had was John’s sense of humor.

John Harmon, President

John Harmon

Chief Executive Officer

You. I never, ever get tired of listening to others and learning their story.

Definitely the mission. I’m not sure we’ll ever truly achieve it, but it’s worth pursuing until the day I retire. And, I’ll likely never retire.


My “street cred” at FRSecure and in the industry as a Solutions Architect. Better people do that job today, but I did it in the early years of the company and built awesome relationships internally and with our customers that are still strong today.

vanae 1

Vanae Pearson

Chief Financial Officer

Almost anything as I’m a curious person who loves conversations. Some of it might be made up, but I can keep the conversation going.

I love that it is mission over money. Funny how it just works out when you serve others first.

I don’t have one yet but would definitely want to be Flash (DC Comics) and have Super-Human Speed. I’d never be late to a party or meeting again.


Drew Boeke

Chief Revenue Officer

Literally anything. How much time do you have?

The authenticity of the company. Our employees are all aligned on one mission, and everyone here really cares about what we do and about each other. Everything is genuine.

The uncanny ability to never sleep.


Oscar Minks


Incident response and digital forensics

Our culture, our people, and our mission.

Calmly navigating challenging situations.

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