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How We Serve

Providing Security Solutions that Make a Measurable Difference

Our team of experts is constantly developing solutions and training to assist clients in improving the measurable fundamentals of their information security programs. These fundamentals are lacking in our industry, and while progress is being made, we can’t do it alone. Whether you’re wondering where to start, or looking for a team of experts to collaborate with you, we are ready to serve.

What makes us different?

Mission Before Money

Our mission to fix the broken industry comes first. The priority has and always will be helping people. Whether it’s training, resources, or threat intelligence we will do our best to provide free tools to improve how we protect people’s data.

Award-Winning Team

FRSecure takes pride in our team’s performance. As a company we consistently win top workplace. We also win national awards based on customer satisfaction and our technical team dominates world hacking challenges at DEFCON.

Universal Assessments

We didn’t like how anybody quantified risk so we built our own assessment. Our unique risk assessment methodology is based on NIST, maps to every major industry standard, and extends far beyond simple technical controls.

Product Agnostic

We do not sell any third-party products, and security is all we do. Our advice will always be made with improving your security program in mind. We will never recommend hardware or software unless it’s what’s best for your organization.

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Award-Winning Team

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Evan Francen


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Kevin Orth


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Renay Rutter


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