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Jim Nash
Chief Storyteller at FRSecure
Jim's experiences in both politics and the InfoSec industry have cultivated him into a strong and animated communicator that has the ability to crystallize difficult concepts into digestible ideas. These skills and experiences have morphed him into a cybersecurity and information security evangelist, focusing on publicizing the need for organizations to make cyber threats a business liability and not just an IT problem.

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The Business Impact of a Data Breach

A data breach has a business impact that extends far beyond the responsibilities of your IT department. For this reason, organizations need to think about treating information security and cybersecurity like a business issue rather than an IT one. When preparing and approving an IT budget for your company for next year, think about the effects a data breach might have on your organization and why it’s important to build defenses against them.


Gone Phishing

Like fishermen, cyber-attackers use methodical and well-researched techniques to bait their targets into giving them what they want. Find out what kinds of phishing there is out there, and how you can make sure you don’t end up out of water.

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Are Your Employees Good Password Generators and Managers?

Remembering all your passwords is a difficult and dangerous task. While using a common base for all your passwords may help you in remembering them, it also allows hackers to easily access crucial information such as bank accounts, bills, and your work computer. This has dangerous implications in both your personal life and your organization’s well-being. Find out how to better protect you and your employees by becoming a better password generator and manager.


Hackers Target Water and Sewage Systems

Hackers have always targeted infrastructures such as power grids, communication, and other physical systems. Now, hackers have begun to switch their attention towards water and sewage systems. The lack of understanding around the protection of these critical infrastructures has painted them as easy targets for hackers. Find out how to better protect your city or government’s critical infrastructure.