What is cybersecurity?

It’s a simple question, right? Well if it’s so simple, why do we get such different answers from experts when we ask them it? It’s because we don’t speak the same language. It’s a testament to why we need to do so. Take a look at how much the answer varied from the 14 security experts we asked.

The protection of computers, networks, systems, hardware, software, and all things related. To protect from theft, damage or attack by others. To guard against disruption, misdirection and to safeguard the data entrusted to us. That’s meant to be the heart of Cyber Security. Arguably we have one job, to protect others. People before process and always before technology.

Chris Roberts

vCISO, Researcher, Hacker, Consultant, Devils Advocate, etc. at HillBilly Hit Squad

Cybersecurity is about ensuring the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of systems and data in order to achieve the desire outcomes and in the appropriate manner.  Put more simply, it’s about balancing the three-legged stool of:  1. Reducing and appropriately managing risk;  2. Maturing and growing proactive and reactive cyber capabilities;  and 3. Reducing the perceived ‘security friction’ by continuously improving organizational and user experience.

Pat Joyce

VP of Global Information Technology & CISO at Medtronic

Cybersecurity is a business issue, it is not just an IT issue anymore. When a cybersecurity event can have such an adverse event on the operation of your business, it is a risk that cannot be ignored by business leaders.

Dan Desko

Cybersecurity Leader & IT Risk Expert at Schneider Downs

To me cybersecurity is the set of rules, tools, actions, activities and continuous learning that it takes to protect digital life.

Ryan Cloutier

Principal Security Consultant at SecurityStudio

Cybersecurity is managing risk to unauthorized disclosure, alteration, and/or destruction of information and information systems using technical controls.

Evan Francen

CEO at FRSecure & SecurityStudio

To define cybersecurity, I normally fall back to the CISSP triad. Protecting systems from the loss of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Greg Scott

Author and Cybersecurity Professional

Cybersecurity is a combination of technical systems and people working together to protect companies and their data. One cannot work without the other.

Mario DiMarcantonio

CEO at Progressive IT Solutions

Cyber Security starts with the mindset and understanding that there are individuals actively attacking all of us for the purpose of exploitation, extortion and theft. The steps taken to respond to this mindset and understanding is what you would call Cyber Security.

David Shay

CEO at Active IT Solutions

Cybersecurity is forward thinking and continuous measures implemented to protect a company’s resources from intrusion and theft.

Paul Katzoff

CEO of WhiteCanyon Software

Cybersecurity is comprehensive security online.

Alexis Moore

Esq cybersecurity expert and author

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting the network, devices such as computers/servers/mobile devices/etc./ and data from malicious attacks.

Luis Simonet

CISO at NXTsoft

Cybersecurity is the practice of securing sensitive, private and proprietary information from a cyber-attack. It is ensuring that your business systems, processes, data and applications are protected from bad actors and hackers who want to do bad things (like steal identities) with the information they steal. Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility from coders to doormen, customer service to marketing execs, the weakest link is where a hacker’s target will land.

Pieter VanIperen

Managing Partner at PWV Consultants

Cybersecurity is NOTHING to me. Does not exist. Information security is what is meaningful to me. Cyber is just way too overused.

Jeff Hall

Senior Consultant at wesbey associates llc

Cybersecurity is also referred to as computer security or information security. It is a method or a practice designed to protect any program or data from unauthorized access. A weak or compromised cybersecurity method will be easily breachable and your data could be at risk. Your cybersecurity methods should be updated with time in order to keep security level high and your data safe.

Phil Crippen

CEO at John Adams IT.

What does Cybersecurity mean to you?

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