Michelle Killian
Michelle’s experience as a business leader and master communicator uniquely position her as a highly-effective virtual CISO. Her ability to drive security initiatives that align with business needs and cultivate buy-in from all areas of her client organizations are well-renowned from our clients. Building strong, sustainable security programs and training are Michelle’s security passions.

Entries by Michelle Killian

Permission to Simplify

In my time as an analyst for FRSecure, one of the biggest, most consistent traps I’ve seen organizations fall into is making security overly complicated. It’s understandable – security as an industry is still relatively new and most of us feel like we are making the rules up as we go. And one of the […]

Why Compliance Won’t Make You Secure

One thing that I’ve learned in my time conducting risk assessments for organizations is that compliance does not automatically equal security, and vice versa (see Information Security and Compliance Explaineda for a great run-down of the differences between the two). What I mean by that is just because you can answer all the PCI self-assessment […]

Ransomware: A Tale of Three Companies

Our team has been BUSY of late responding to calls regarding ransomware. We’ve seen a few success cases but not enough, so I thought it would be useful to review three of the common scenarios we are encountering, what the outcome has typically been and what you can do to prepare and protect yourself from […]