On August 28, 2018, FRSecure® will celebrate 10 years in the information security industry. The mission for these 10 years has been to fix this broken industry we are a part of. This has been done numerous ways over our 10-year history, through free mentor programs, content-heavy events, and a broad range of services to help businesses (and people) all over become more secure.

In celebration of a decade of business, and in keeping with our mission of fixing the broken industry, we’re offering free services to 10 local nonprofit organizations. Each nonprofit will receive vendor risk management services with free access to VENDEFENSE® for six months (valued at $18,000 each).


VENDEFENSE was developed by SecurityStudio®, an independent subsidiary of FRSecure. Through VENDEFENSE, FRSecure and SecurityStudio are helping companies evaluate and remediate the inherent risk posed by third-party vendors and contractors that may have access to confidential data.

“Vendors and contractors can be a huge risk for any company. It can take just one insecure vendor to expose your entire organization to hackers,” says Evan Francen, CEO and Founder of FRSecure and SecurityStudio. “Through VENDEFENSE, companies can better understand a vendor’s
information security practices and identify areas that need improvement to safeguard the company.”

VENDEFENSE is a SaaS-based product that allows organizations easy vendor risk management, tracking and managing the security risk of vendors and contractors. Learn more at

For more information, contact Suzy Feine:
[email protected]

Brandon Matis on Linkedin
Brandon Matis
Content Marketing Specialist at FRSecure
As the Content Marketing Specialist for FRSecure, Brandon spins complex, technical security jargon into intelligible content that is easy to understand. Through journalistic-style writing and graphic design, Brandon creates multichannel, multi-industry content that summarizes the current state of the security industry.

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