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Stefan Dorn
Senior Security Analyst (Team Lead) at FRSecure
Stefan Dorn is a technical leader and entrepreneur with 15+ years of technical and director-level management experience in IT infrastructure and security program development. Stefan leads FRSecure’s technical team, focused on penetration testing, purple teaming, digital forensics and incident response (DFIR). FRSecure’s technical team is continuously training on the latest tactics and techniques, resulting in cutting-edge methodologies that drive FRSecure’s technical security services.

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Up Your Security Game With 3 Steps for Employee Monitoring

It’s common knowledge that humans are the greatest threat to security, especially for a small business. Employees often possess inside knowledge and levels of access that make them a threat with high potential impact, even if the probability is low. Let’s be honest: every business owner, manager and supervisor is concerned with an insider potentially harming the business, […]

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How to be a Better Service Provider: Defining Due Diligence

Regulators are putting the hurt on companies with weak vendor management programs. For service providers large or small, this means your client businesses are required to ask you for more detailed, often non-public information about your business; especially regarding your financial performance, operations, and controls for managing security and risk. Your clients need this information to perform […]

Four Quick Wins to Drastically Improve Your SMB’s Cybersecurity

With privacy breaches and debilitating malware attacks steadily becoming commonplace, every business owner or leader is concerned with cybersecurity. Incidents often are a costly nightmare, both to your bottom line and to your reputation with your customers. Read on to review four simple measures that will establish an effective security baseline for the technology your business relies on! Don’t leave the […]