Popular Password Manager Apps Security in 2020

Popular Password Manager Apps Security in 2020

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When it comes to “bang for your buck” in information security, few things are as important as password management. Strong password hygiene is a critical component of good security, and password management platforms allow for endless combinations of complex passwords without the memorization challenges that come with the complexity.

There are countless password management programs and applications on the market today, but we tend to see a handful come up in conversation and with our vCISO clients consistently. We’ve taken those brands and cross-checked them with the minimum requirements we recommend for a password manager as a starting point for you and your organization.

We hope this helps give you a quick glance at what security features to look for—and which platforms have them.

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Note: As a product-agnostic company, FRSecure is not a reseller of these platforms and is not paid to endorse them. This list is not all-encompassing, or an endorsement of any service listed. We strongly encourage you to independently research which platforms are a fit for your organization and your security requirements.

Popular Password Manager Apps Meeting Minimum Requirements

  • Dashlane
  • LastPass
  • Keeper
  • Bitwarden
  • LogMeOnce
  • 1Password

Minimum Requirements (MR)

  • MR.1 – Centrally managed: ability to add/remove/disable users and reset master password
  • MR.2 – Multi-factor authentication
  • MR.3 – Hashed and salted password storage, relying on no less than SHA-2
  • MR.4 – The provider has no access to your password vault
  • MR.5 – Random password generator
  • MR.6 – Ability to securely share passwords to users or groups
  • MR.7 – Security checks – look for duplicate passwords or exposure on the dark web
SolutionMR.1MR.2MR.3MR.4MR.5MR.6MR.7Security White Paper

Encryption Model

BitwardenXXXXXXXInfo is scattered
LogMeOnceXX*XXXX$7Info is scattered
SolutionList Price user/moFree Personal Edition?AndroidiOSLinuxAD IntegrationAzure AD IntegrationSAML Integration
Dashline$4XXXXXXProvisioning Only
LastPass$4-$8XXXX$6+XSAML 2.0
Keeper$3-$4XXXX$4provisioningSAML 2.0
LogMeOnce$7XXXXXSAML 2.0

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Popular Password Manager Apps Security in 2020

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