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Security Management Approach

FRSecure is a full service information security consulting and management company.  If you need anything security related, from assessments to social engineering to security training to policy development etc., give our team of experts a call and find out how to get our experience working for you.

Overall Objective

By the time a security program is in the management phase, most of the heavy lifting has been done. Good governance exists, physical and technical controls are appropriate, and there is an organized approach to managing risk.

The goals of long-term security program management are:

  • Regular assessment to reprioritize remediation
  • Constant evolution of threat management
  • Continued training and awareness
  • Compliance management
  • Regular updates to stakeholders
  • Ongoing remediation activity

FRSecure offers security program management in a variety of ways.  We will design a solution that meets your needs.  Two popular options are:

    • Outsourced security leadership
    • Typically a few hours per month of our time to participate in regular meetings, give guidance, and handle small security tasks
  • Planned Advantage – Managed Security
    • More involved than VCISO
    • Typically includes the same leadership, participation and guidance that VCISO does, but adds activities like:
      • Scheduled assessment
      • Regular penetration tests
      • Ongoing policy work
      • Ongoing compliance needs like PCI
      • Ongoing training and awareness
      • Social engineering
      • Incident response
      • And more.
    • Every Planned Advantage is designed to meet your specific needs

Similar to IT, HR, finance, or any business unit, security program development never ends.  It’s an ongoing process of assessing where you currently stand, updating the security roadmap to reprioritize remediation, train regularly, and fix things that need fixing (but not things that don’t).

Every FRSecure management plan is an ongoing relationship where we take on specific responsibilities within the security program.  For some, it’s simply acting as an expert resource.  For others, we take on as much of the responsibility as we can.  Regardless of the type of relationship, we are dedicated to making security better for our clients.

  • Ongoing client satisfaction
  • Ongoing support, without sending you a bill every time you have a question
  • An organized, systematic approach to security
  • Ability to communicate security to every level within the organization
  • Ongoing compliance management
  • Help, support, guidance, leadership as well as task work
  • And through it all, security becomes fun for our clients (yes, fun), rather than a battle between IT and the rest of the organization

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