External Network Vulnerability Assessment

External Network Vulnerability Assessment

Need an external network vulnerability assessment?

Most often, when penetration testing or “pen test” is mentioned, External Network Vulnerability Assessment is what is meant. This is a comprehensive, expert testing of your organization’s technical security from the internet. It is meant to, in part, simulate tactics used by those who may target your organization with an internet-based attack.

Why perform an external network vulnerability assessment?

  • You have to (compliance)
  • You never have (curiosity)
  • You should (due diligence)

When should an external network vulnerability assessment be done?

  • At least annually
  • After changes to your configurations
  • After changes to your hardware
  • As you are required to
  • As often as you want

Who conducts the network vulnerability assessment?

Seasoned information security professionals. FRSecure performs hundreds of these assessments annually; each customized to the organization we assess.

What regulatory organizations require or promote this type of assessment?

  • GLBA (Banking)
  • NCUA (Credit Unions)
  • HIPAA (Healthcare)
  • SOX (Financial)
  • PCI (Credit Card)
  • SSAE16 (SOC 1 & 2)

What other types of security assessments should I consider?

Full Information Security Assessment including Administrative, Physical, Internal Technical and External Technical security.