Company Timeline

A walk down memory lane

August 2008

FRSecure is founded by Evan Francen and Tom Rose

Pictured: Original FRSecure logo.

FRSecure Information Security Experts

January 2010

Kevin Orth (Owner) joins the team

April 2010

First CISSP Mentor Program

FRSecure hosts its first free CISSP mentorship program to a class of six students.

April 2011

First Office

FRSecure moves into its first office in Waconia, MN.

January 2012

First Employee

FRSecure makes its first hire!


10th Employee

In just over a year, FRSecure triples in size.

July 2014


FRSecure makes the Minneapolis Best Places to Work (BPTW) list for the first time.

August 2016

New Office

FRSecure outgrows its original headquarters, and moves to a new space in Minnetonka, MN.


50 Employees

FRSecure grows to 50.

July 2017


Evan founds FRSecure sister company, SecurityStudio.

August 2018

10 Years

FRSecure celebrates its first decade in business!

October 2018

1st Hacks & Hops

FRSecure hosts the first annual Hacks & Hops information security conference.

January 2019

Unsecurity Published

Evan publishes his book, Unsecurity.

October 2019

The Unsecurity Podcast

Evan and Brad Nigh record the first episode of the Unsecurity Podcast.

December 2020

The Hackle Box Begins

FRSecure President, Oscar Minks, hosts the first cyber-threat intel webinar, which will eventually become the monthly Hackle Box podcast.


75 Employees

FRSecure grows to 75 employees.

August 2021

Team Ambush Wins 1st Place @ DEFCON

FRSecure’s technical services team, Team Ambush, takes first place in the BioHacking Village event at DEFCON 2021.

October 2021

Project Hyphae Launches

FRSecure’s technical services team launches Project Hyphae, a volunteer-based threat hunting initiative.

August 2022

4th BPTW Win

FRSecure is voted one of Minneapolis’s best places to work for the 4th time.

April 2022

CISSP Grows to 10k

FRSecure hosts the 2022 CISSP Mentor Program to a class of over 10,000 students.

June 2022

New Office

FRSecure moves into its current base of operations at 6550 York Ave S in Edina, MN.

October 2022

5th Hacks & Hops

The 5th Hacks & Hops is held at US Bank Stadium, and attended by over 300 security professionals in the Minneapolis area.

June 2023

1st Annual InfoSec Report is published

The team compiled our very first InfoSec report after analyzing over 400 validated risk assessments and 55 incident response cases completed during 2022