FRSecure’s CEO and founder Evan Francen was interviewed by KARE11 following recent reports of massive data breach after massive data breach from a number of big name companies. This is an excerpt from the story.



Gordon Severson: It seems every time you log in online or turn on the TV, another company announces another breach.

Evan Francen: We call that breach fatigue.

Gordon Severson: FRSecure CEO Evan Francen says it’s sort of like crying wolf. After so many breaches and so many consumers not seeing an impact, they’ve stopped paying attention.

Evan Francen: You start to get this false sense of security like “Everything is okay. That stuff happens all the time. I don’t need to be diligent.”

Gordon Severson: But being diligent, Francen says, is the best way to protect yourself from that one breach that could one day affect your accounts. Francen says all the identity monitoring services are pretty much the same. They all cost between 10 and 30 dollars a month and, minus a few features, they all do the same thing: monitor your identity. Something he says you can and should do yourself.

Evan Francen: Personally, I don’t sign up with any of those. I just watch.

Gordon Severson: He says consumers should get in the habit of checking their credit cards, bank accounts and credit at least once a week, looking for strange activity all year long. Because in many cases, when the company announces a breach…

Evan Francen: I would assume that most of the fraudulent charges have already been made.

Gordon Severson: In this latest case involving Delta and Best Buy, security experts believe the breach happened in October. But it wasn’t until this week that customers found out.

Evan Francen: [Consumers] want an easy button. “Just give me the one thing I can do to fix this thing.” There isn’t one, so stop looking for one. You do have to be diligent.


Gordon Severson: Now Francen says a lot of consumers respond to breach by simply boycotting the company where it happened. He argues that won’t do much because the damage has already been done. And in this latest case, and the Target case a few years ago, the breach was at a third-party vendor and that vendor could work with several other companies that you don’t know about.


To stay informed about recent incidents, follow FRSecure’s Twitter and LinkedIn and visit our site to learn how you can prevent similar incidents from happening to your organization.

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