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Our Story


Our Passion: we help organizations align security with strategic business objectives, creating an information security program that is integrated into the business.

FRSecure’s CEO, Evan Francen, started in information security over 20 years ago.  He had a passion for helping others and a passion for building security programs.  After spending years in major security roles within large organizations, Evan had a vision.  His vision was to “change a broken industry”.

In 2008, Evan realized his dream and started FRSecure.  His dream was to help all types of organizations build security programs.  In his words, “he started FRSecure because everyone has a need to protect information”.  And, his goal was to do just that, Globally!

Evan saw an opportunity to make information security better by bringing experience and knowledge to the clients.  He assembled an expert team of security analysts and operations talent that continues to this day.

Our focus is, and always will be, to bring that experience and knowledge to every one of the customers that we serve.  The vision is still to change the industry to one where security is not viewed and treated simply as an IT issue that is fixed by purchasing new hardware or software, but instead making security a strategic and measured part of the organization.

At FRSecure, we are dedicated to helping customers understand, design, implement, and manage best-in-class information security solutions.