Remote Work Security Checklist

Checklist of items to help ensure your remote work is secure.

Due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, we’ve seen a massive uptick in the number of organizations forcing their employees to work remote so they can practice social distancing. In doing so, there’s inherent change in the landscape of the organization’s security program.

This checklist is aimed to help ensure that you and your employees have the basic security protocols in place to protect all the information they hold.

Remote Work Security Checklist

Internet Connection

  • Firewall – Limit internet access to only what is needed
  • VPN/Secure Remote Connection – Check with the organization for approved secure
    connectivity option

Wireless Network

  • Strong Wi-Fi Encryption – WPA2
  • Strong Wi-Fi Password – Length over strength. Use a minimum of 16 characters, but 20+
    characters is recommended
  • Segmentation – Create a new wireless network to isolate work computers from other computers
    in the home


  • Antivirus – Ensure that antivirus is running and current
  • Firewall – Enable the operating system firewall
  • Security Patches – Ensure that all software is updated to address security risks
  • Account Passwords – Ensure that all work accounts use a strong password to prevent
    unauthorized access
  • Drive Encryption – Encrypt the disk to prevent the leakage of information if the device is lost or stolen
  • Automatic Screen Lock – Ensure that the screen automatically locks after no more than 15 minutes
  • Secure Document Storage – Store business information only in approved locations, and check with
    your organization for appropriate locations to store business information
  • Do Not Mix Work and Personal Accounts – Keep personal information in personal accounts and
    business information in business accounts


  • Secure Printout Storage – All physical documents should be physically secured or destroyed
  • Video Surveillance – Cover the entrances of the home with video surveillance
  • Private Conversations – Headsets remove the ability for half of the conversation to be overheard