Navigating the InfoSec Changes from COVID-19

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COVID 19 Whitepaper April 2020 LP Image
We’re experiencing unprecedented times. The COVID-19 outbreak has completely changed the way we operate as businesses, employees, and people in general. Unfortunately, information security and data privacy are areas that are impacted in a big way. The ways we conduct business, interact with people, and protect information have all changed dramatically since this outbreak. We’re hoping this whitepaper can help you and your business navigate these security challenges and changes that this pandemic have suddenly introduced.


New and improved data security threats have stemmed from the pandemic. Learn the common attack types and common scams.


The infosec industry and its practices have changed because of the pandemic. Learn to navigate the new landscape the virus created.


While things have changed, one thing remains constant—a proactive approach to security is the best way to minimize potential security threats.


Given the changes, your business’s insurance policies, internal policies, and procedures will need to be reviewed and possibly adjusted.