1:1 Security Discussion Regarding COVID-19

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We are experiencing unprecedented and rapid changes as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic, and companies are having to shift quickly and, in many cases, hastily to remote working conditions. Due to the urgent nature of this shift, many security measures are not properly implemented in the process, leaving companies vulnerable.

As FRSecure constantly strives to fix the broken information security industry, we’re giving back in the best way we know how: by helping you navigate the security-related changes that go along with the new normal.

Get your questions answered by one of our many security experts:

  • What’s important to address during the transition to remote work?
  • What are some of the common scams related to the virus?
  • How do we adjust our business continuity plan?
  • Anything else you’re concerned with or curious about.

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1:1 Security Discussion Regarding COVID-19