May was a downright crazy month for information security news. We had a week dubbed “cybersecurity’s week from hell.” Many of the world’s most popular apps and platforms like Office 365, Google G-Suite, WhatsApp, and more had incidents. Ransomware took down entire cities and record numbers of sensitive data. Yet, we still have the positivity of a dedicated and hard-working industry that is determined to fix its brokenness and protect our privacy. Here are just a few of the stories that made the headlines in a jam-packed May edition of our Information Security News Roundup.


information security news

Fixing the Broken Industry

business training

Business Impact

coding business impact

Personal Impact

whatsapp attack

Following information security news and trends is important. It gives you an idea of what’s going on in the industry so you can continue to protect yourself and your business. Follow FRSecure on Twitter and LinkedIn for consistent updates on information security news like this, and visit our site to learn how your organization can continue to make improvements to its security measures.

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