May has brought yet another busy month for information security news. As the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into full effect as of May 25th, information security and how companies handle individual’s sensitive data is a hot topic. Political factors continue to play a large role in information security standards, while the healthcare industry continues to be an easy target for hackers. As more and more internet traffic comes from mobile devices, malicious individuals have shifted their focus to target users and mobile employees who rely on their mobile devices. The world of information security is extremely volatile, stay up to date with this month’s Information Security Roundup.



 Information Security in Government


Healthcare News

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In Other News

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The world of information security is extremely volatile, so stay up to date by following FRSecure’s Twitter and LinkedIn for consistent updates on information security news stories like the ones above, and visit our site to learn how you can prevent similar incidents from happening to your organization.

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