It’s the heart of summer: the time of year when we spend our weekends and evenings relaxing and spending time with our families. It’s the most vacation-heavy time of year for most American companies. Information security news, on the other hand, doesn’t rest or take vacations. It remains critical that we understand the trends in the industry so we can continue to prepare our businesses (and our own selves) for potential threats and risks. The month of June saw some jaw-dropping stories, mostly in banking and government, but we’re also continuing to see healthcare heavily impacted. We’ve compiled some stories to serve as a reminder that information security does impact business, and we should be treating it as such in our training and response. Here is a snapshot of what June had to offer for information security news.

Business Impact

 Information Security in Government


Banking and Credit News





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  1. Nick Doe
    Nick Doe says:

    Most of the apps do ask to access all the photos and contacts which can easily allow the attackers steal sensitive pictures and information from your phone. Many newly designed apps have an encryption which is available on the app store, but people should avoid downloading shady apps which can allow hackers to sneak into your emails, messages, or pictures. Thanks for sharing the blog.


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