We’re rapidly closing in on the end of 2018. The information security industry always seems to ramp up around this time, as companies look to get risk assessments, scans, and other InfoSec projects completed. As the industry ramps up, so does the information security news. Here’s a snapshot of the stories we saw unfold in the month of August. 

Consumer Impact



Information Security in Government

Business Impact


  • It feels like the education industry is in the news more frequently than normal lately. Augusta University in Georgia suffered a data breach in August. The breach exposed almost half a million people’s sensitive data.
  • Yale University disclosed a breach this month that was nearly a decade old. 119,000 individuals were impacted by this attack. This further proves how incident response is just as important as incident prevention.
  • Some institutions are taking notice. The University of Minnesota’s law school has added courses in cybersecurity, data privacy law, and more. Improving the bandwidth of security experts is certainly beneficial for businesses all over.

Understanding information security trends is important. It gives you an idea of what’s going on in the industry so you can continue to protect you and your business. Follow FRSecure on Twitter and LinkedIn for consistent updates on information security news like this, and visit our site to learn how your organization can continue to make improvements to its security measures.

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