Four Quick Wins to Drastically Improve Your SMB's Cybersecurity

With privacy breaches and debilitating malware attacks steadily becoming commonplace, every business owner or leader is concerned with cybersecurity. Incidents often are a costly nightmare, both to your bottom line and to your reputation with your customers. Read on to review four simple measures that will establish an effective security baseline for the technology your business relies on!

Don’t leave the door open for hackers and malware. Slam it shut!

Let’s make one thing clear- there is no such thing as being “completely secured”. Criminal organizations know this, but are just as concerned with their operational efficiency as you are. They go after easy prey because it makes more money, more quickly. By taking the steps below, you’ll make your business a less appealing target to them. You will also enjoy the benefits of less buggy software, and less downtime due to malware incidents.

“There are risks and costs to a program of action—but they are far less than the long range cost of comfortable inaction.” — John F. Kennedy

Follow these four steps to improve your cybersecurity:

1. Keep ALL of your systems patched.

All computer systems and mobile devices that touch your business data need to be kept current on application and operating system updates. This is a critical component of not being an easy target for the bad guys.

To Enable Automatic Updates for Windows: Click Here

To Enable Automatic Updates for Mac: Click Here

2. Use Full-Disk and Device Encryption.

Though FRSecure does not endorse or recommend specific products there are several options to address encryption. PCs for example could use Microsoft’s built-in BitLocker. For Mac on OS X Yosemite or newer, FileVault2 could be used. For mobile devices, set up a device pass code and investigate if your phone, tablet, or watch can encrypt all the data stored on it.

3. Get a real Antivirus solution. 

Don’t settle for built-in protection from Microsoft or Apple. They’re improving, but they aren’t leaders of the pack. Choose an Antivirus solution that is maintained by a company pouring ALL of their resources into keeping malware out of your systems.

4. Leverage Multi-Factor Authentication.

 Does a hacker have your username and password? Well, if they don’t have your phone or fingerprints, odds are they aren’t getting into your multi-factor logon system! Don’t rely on passwords to protect your business, especially for finance. In almost all cases, once money is wired out of the country, you aren’t getting it back.

Learn about Multi-Factor Authentication in our previous article: Click Here

How-to guides from LifeHacker: Click Here

A more extensive list of providers with MFA: Click Here

Need help getting any of the above steps locked down? Get in touch with us! Our security experts will walk you through solutions that fit within your budget and makes sense for your organization.

Until next time!

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