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Evan Francen
CEO at FRSecure
Nickname: "The Truth"

I am a 25+ year information security veteran, and I tell it like I see it. I’m not known for being politically correct, and this sometimes gets me into trouble. More often than not; however, clients and colleagues come to appreciate the candor and common sense approach. If you look at security (the right way), you’ll find that it’s just not as complicated as people make it. I hope you enjoy my writings on security and other miscellaneous things. I really have a strong and deep passion for helping people and making the world a better place.

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Why You Shouldn’t Pay Ransomware Attackers

When the lights go down in the city, it might be something far more nefarious than bad weather or a simple equipment malfunction. The cause could be an attacker who has infiltrated the utility company’s defenses (or lack thereof), infected controllers, and is now holding the city ransom. Ransomware attacks have become an increasingly popular reality. Learn why it’s important to not pay a ransom to attackers.


What Makes a Good Chief Security Officer?

The news from Equifax on Friday (9/15) states “the Chief Information Officer and Chief Security Officer are retiring”.  Somebody’s got to pay, and here are your first two scapegoats.  Will it stop with these two, or is the CEO (Richard Smith) job at risk too?  We can only speculate. I’m more interested in answering the question; what makes a good CSO/CISO or a good information security professional/expert?